5 Best Houston Maritime Attorney

Houston Maritime Attorney

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No #1: Kurt Brynilde Arnold


I’m a bold trial lawyer with a track record of securing billions in verdicts and settlements for my clients. At Arnold & Itkin, we’re committed to battling for you and delivering results.

Practice Area:

Meet your Legal Guardian in the heart of Houston, Texas—an advocate for justice, a defender of your rights, your Personal Injury Ally. I’m here to navigate the legal terrain on your behalf, turning challenges into triumphs. Let’s stand together in the pursuit of rightful compensation and a brighter tomorrow. 🌟⚖️

No #2: Stacey T. Norstrud

Practice Area:

Navigating the legal seas with a focus on Maritime Mastery, Energy Excellence, and Oil & Gas Brilliance. Specializing in the laws that fuel industries, I’m here to ensure your legal journey is smooth sailing in the vast ocean of opportunities. Let’s set sail for success!

Experience :

23 years experienced in this field .

No #3: Timothy W. Strickland

Practice Area:

Unveiling the Legal Canvas of Maritime Law, Energy Dynamics, and Oil & Gas Regulations. I’m here to decode the intricate laws that power industries, ensuring your legal voyage is marked by clarity and success. Let’s embark on a journey where the currents of law propel us toward triumph! ⚓⚖️

Experience :

Embarking on three decades of legal wisdom—32 years of navigating the intricate seas of law. A seasoned guide through the complexities, ready to steer your ship to success with the compass of experience. Let’s chart a course for legal triumph together! ⚖️🌟

No #4: Paul-Michael Dusek

Practice Area:

Embarking on a legal odyssey that spans the intricate waters of Maritime Law, the dynamic currents of Energy, and the vast landscapes of Oil & Gas Law. I’m here to be your legal navigator, ensuring smooth sailing through the complexities of these vital realms. Let’s chart a course for success in the legal seas! ⚓⚖️


What is the Houston Maritime Attorney?

Navigating the seas of personal injury, Houston Maritime Attorneys are here to support injured seamen and dock workers. Their mission is to secure the compensation needed for recovery from offshore injuries, covering accidents on rivers, oceans, harbors, and docks. These legal experts ensure that those facing serious injuries receive the assistance required for long-term medical costs and a path to healing.

What is the highest ranking attorney?

At the legal helm, the highest-ranking attorney is the Attorney General, standing as the key legal advisor to the President of the United States. This legal luminary holds a statutory spot in the esteemed Cabinet of the United States, offering counsel on all matters of legality.

What is a marine lawyer?

A Maritime Lawyer is like the superhero of the seas, specializing in injuries and accidents that happen during both fun boat rides and serious maritime jobs. These legal experts are the go-to when things get wavy on the water, whether it’s for recreational kicks or serious commercial activities. They’ve got your back when the waves start making waves.

What is an offshore accident lawyer?

Think of an Offshore Accident Lawyer as the champion of compensation for those facing injuries in offshore situations. They’re like personal injury superheroes who step in when accidents happen on oil rigs or out on the water. These legal lifesavers specialize in holding companies accountable, making sure victims get the compensation they rightfully deserve. They’re the ones you call when the seas get stormy, and you need someone to fight for your rights.

Who runs maritime law?

Maritime las run IMO  and it stands for the International Maritime Organization.

What is LLM maritime law?

Dive into the world of LLM Maritime Law, where the legal tides are navigated. Also known as admiralty law, it’s the rulebook for everything that happens on the sea. While each country has its own set of rules for maritime activities within its borders, the international waters have a global playbook too. LLM in Maritime Law is your passport to understanding and mastering this unique legal seascape.

Is Canada under maritime law?

Absolutely, Canada is not just dipping its toes but diving deep into maritime law. Beyond the traditional admiralty law, Canada has embraced an expansive definition, making waves in the legal waters. This isn’t just about the “wet” stuff—collisions, salvage, and mariner matters at sea. It’s a comprehensive embrace that includes contracts, torts, and everything that sets sail on the legal horizon. So, yes, Canada is firmly under the influence of maritime law.

Where can you  study maritime law in the UK?

Ready to chart your course in maritime law in the UK? Set sail with institutions like 

the University of Southampton

University of Strathclyde

Swansea University

City, University of London

University of Plymouth

Newcastle University

Queen Mary University of London

University of Dundee

University of Bristol

University of Glasgow

These universities offer tailored programs that delve into the intricacies of maritime law, giving you a unique and comprehensive understanding of this specialized legal realm. It’s time to embark on your legal voyage!

How do you become a maritime lawyer in the USA?

To set sail on the path to becoming a maritime lawyer in the USA, here’s your unique navigation chart:

Academic Voyage: Embark on a bachelor’s degree journey, preferably in law (LLB) or a related field.

Law School Odyssey: Navigate your way through law school and earn a Juris Doctor (JD) degree. This is like your legal treasure map.

Chart Your Course: Focus on maritime law courses and internships during law school. This is where you fine-tune your maritime compass.

Bar Exam Quest: Conquer the bar exam in the state where you aim to practice law. It’s your legal initiation ceremony.

Set Sail in Practice: Gain sea-worthy experience in maritime law firms or relevant legal sectors. It’s your time to hoist the sails.

Consider Specialization: Explore opportunities for specialization in maritime law through additional courses or certifications. This is like adding extra sails for a smoother journey.

Network on the Legal Seas: Connect with maritime law professionals, attend conferences, and join relevant associations to broaden your maritime horizons.And there you have it, matey! Your personalized treasure map to becoming a maritime lawyer in the USA. 

Maritime law vs common law UK?

In the UK, maritime law deals with ship and cargo disputes, kind of like a rulebook for the sea. On the flip side, common law is like the all-around guide used both on land and water. So, maritime law is for the nautical stuff, and common law is the go-to for legal matters everywhere. They’re like two different guides for different parts of the legal world in the UK.

What are the four pillars of maritime law?

Shared Sacrifice: All for one, one for all in the face of common losses.

Liability Limits: A financial safety net for shipowners, encouraging maritime ventures.

Sea Saviors Rewarded: Acts of maritime heroism earn a legal salute and a reward.

Navigating Collisions: Sorting out the aftermath when ships cross paths.

Are UK courts under maritime law?

In the UK, there are special courts and divisions that handle maritime law cases. It’s like having a dedicated team for maritime matters, but these cases can also find their way into regular courts if needed. So, while not every court is all about maritime law, there are places specifically set up to deal with nautical legal stuff. It’s like having different lanes for different types of legal traffic in the UK! 🌊⚖️

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